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Public Information Officer

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PIO – Public Information Officer Program

Youth Public Information Officer

Early Excellence is not just working to promote individuals in the community, we’re also looking to partner with other organizations that are making an impact for the good of those in the local area. We’re a non-profit that wants to connect to other non-profits to elevate their efforts as well.

This program is offered to all non-profits so that youth can share the good work of their programs on all
of Early Excellence’s news outlets. This will give others a chance to see the opportunities and
pride of the nonprofit they are involved in and what better way to market the excitement of the great work
that program is doing. This is a wonderful marketing opportunity for any non-profit organization.

Early Excellence PIO responsibilities
It doesn’t matter if you work for a volunteer, combination or full-time career agency, every department
needs a designated PIO. Let’s consider the many roles and responsibilities of the PIO.

The PIO’s most important function is to provide information to the public. The PIO is an extension of the
the management staff of the marketing department.

The PIO stands next to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the non-profit, obtaining information to be
disseminated as needed. If the situation calls for releasing life-changing information that your program
or event is offering, it must be done immediately. Your Early Excellence PIO will already know who to
contact to host a media event in our news network, how to make notifications using the Early Excellence
Breaking News option on all of Early Excellence social media, and YouTube Channel Outlets.

2.     Non-Profit Company Promotion: Organizations often need the support of the community. This program keeps the community aware of your organization’s activities and makes it easier to get that support when you need it.

3. Non–Profit Volunteer Recruitment: Non- Profits are always looking for new personnel. The Early
Excellence PIO can provide the community with volunteering information.

4.     Media liaison: The community needs a reliable contact person, and the company needs to continuously communicate to the community its wonderful work.

7.     Education: Whether it is education, events or even service-related information, the PIO can
employ the media, give talks at schools and civic groups, or use the Early Excellence social media and
news network to spread the word. Their message can reach thousands of people at a time.


8.     Social media gurus: Social media is fast-paced and time-consuming and here to stay. Before social
media, PIOs disseminated information to others; it was a one-way street. With social media, the
information-sharing and consumption have become a two-way street. PIOs are not only sending out
information, but they are also receiving information, many times direct from the public. PIOs can answer
specific questions directed to them. There are various social media platforms, and the PIO needs to
know which one to use for each situation.