How we do it?

We create opportunities for youth to receive real life practical experience in different career fields.

Such as, Create and Implement, a program created by Collectors Production to introduce the youth of our community to the world of photography and screen production. Their philosophy is to show youth that they can pick up something other than bad habits. The youth will learn to create and see the beauty of life, rather than taking a life. This is just one of many partnerships Early Excellence has that will assist in achieving the goal of providing real life practical experience in different career fields.

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  • Youth Mentoring
  • Volunteerism

Why we do it?

The grand idea is to empower youth with the ability to give other teens the confidence to apply their gifts through journalism and positive peer pressure.

Early Excellence assists in stopping child stagnation due to lack of access to opportunities and experiences. We work to build connections with the community to fulfill our vision that every child lives in a world where they feel safe, loved, and celebrated. Early Excellence is more than a one-dimensional program addressing just need. Our programs go beyond traditional programming platforms; building empathy and igniting a movement of compassion and positive change.


Pregnancy Rate

pregnancies/ 1,000 females aged 15-17 South Hampton Roads, Yr. 2018

Hospitalizations due to Alcohol

hospitalizations/ 10,000 population aged 10-17 Norfolk, VA Yr.2017-2019

Youth Gun Homicide Fatalities

Young Black males (15-34),
making up 2% of the population, Yr. 2019

Jail 1 Youth for

The DJJ spends $15 on youth incarceration for every $1 spent on community-based services. Yr. 2016

How It All Started

"I had to choose. Accept the promotion that would take me away from coaching or feed the family." - Bryant Lambert

Ultimately, his family responsibilities won and he had to hang up his coaching career of over 20 years. He had to put a pause on his passion, Competition and Mentoring. Though his Firefighting cohorts were happy for him his young mentees were sad to see him go.

Later, Coach Lambert would begin to see his old players dying on the streets from violence. "I had to do something," says Bryant. He then set out to create what is now, Early Excellence to fill that void of mentorship allowing him to once again help our young men and women from the sideline and not from afar.