Solutions & Positive Journalism

Organizations, Schools, Civic Leagues, Etc.

Each student will highlight their new knowledge and hands-on experience to create and produce stories for broadcast and digital platforms, for school broadcast platforms/social media, and future broadcast internships.

Journalists have the power to shape society’s perception through what they choose to cover and how they choose to write the story. Early Excellence will focus on more positive stories featuring our youth. Our goal is not ratings nor money; it’s creating a positive culture in which youth can thrive. We want Early E to be a resource for students to sharpen their writing skills and to get the well deserved praise for doing the right things. 

It is not our goal to report the problems but to give our youth a platform to express creative ideas filled with solutions.

When a church, school,  civic league, or any other organization partners with Early Excellence, they will be creating opportunities when they assemble a team of youth with ambitions of becoming broadcasters or simply just have a interest in making their community better.