Early Excellence is the premiere company that will produce products such as an online magazine destination for Teen, and young adult Hampton Roads cultural insight, news and perspective. An inviting, charged, and interactive experience under the direction of public school educators is a community-powered site for hot topics and trends, advice, critical conversation, and the best in entertainment and breaking news on Teen life in the Hampton Road region. Through original reporting and highly-curated aggregate content exclusively written, and covered by the teens themselves, Early Excellence reflects the diversity and broad spectrum of daily thought and opinion within the Teen, and young adult American community. It captures the laugh-out-loud humor of our online audience with a fresh and intelligent point of view, and provokes and inspires dialogue connecting all points of the positive Teenage culture throughout Hampton Roads.

Early Excellence will also promote and fostering the spirit of Teen Involvement in in big programming or “Event Planning” as is in teen planning, teen creativity, and teen leadership. This is not about planning an event and recruiting teens to provide free labor. Early Excellence is about empowering teens to create something themselves. This will give them confidence, life experience, and will make them feel like they are an important part of a community organization. Ideally, this will cement them as lifelong contributors to a life of building positive communities.

Through all of our services and products that will be offered. Early Excellence understands that

teens sees the world as it is changing, and truly a part of that change. Unfortunately, those teens are not able to express those ideas or even have access to resources that will allow them to implement their vision. The youth are our world’s most valuable resource we have, they are the future innovator, scientist, business people they are the ones that vow to make a difference, yet their ambitions can be hidden away in the midst of the stress from school, work, home life, financial hurdles and preparation for college. However, every once in a blue moon you come across incredible teenagers, contagious with inspiration, that seem to handle it all. These are the youth That EE will represent and give opportunities to express themselves in the Entrepreneurship world.

Early Excellence

Is also a teen magazine, and website devoted entirely to teenage providing real life practical opportunities, and forums. Students must be age 13-19 to participate, register and/or submit work. Distributed through classrooms by English teachers, Educational based programs, Business Sponsors, Charitable Social Group Sponsors, School Systems, and art teachers throughout our communities, Early Excellence magazine offers some of the most insightful and much needed exposure work generated by teens and has the potential to become a large distributor of Teen driven culture. We have no staff writers or artists; we depend completely on submissions from teenagers for our content.

We offer teenagers the opportunity to publish their creative work and opinions on the issues that affect their lives, their community, their future - everything from success stories, job opportunities, college planning -and community service.  Thousands of students will have the opportunities to be written about, and hundreds will have the opportunity to submit their work to Early Excellence