The Early Excellence Broadcasting and journalism program is set up to prepare youth to become community reporters equipped with the skills to go out into their own neighborhoods and discover the positive stories that normally do not get the attention they deserve in the mainstream news. We offer teenagers the opportunity to publish their creative work and opinions on the issues that affect their lives, their communities, and their futures. Teens have the freedom to write about everything from success stories, job opportunities, college planning and community service. We believe that telling positiive stories creates a positive environment in which young people can thrive. Our hope is that these feel-good stories encourage not only other teens, but everyone in the community to be the best they possibly can.

Print Journalism

If you love to write, our print journalism program is perfect for you. Learn how to make your printed pieces stand out and get noticed by some of the largest media companies in the industry. See examples of award-winning articles and learn from seasoned professionals.

Audio Broadcasting

Do you love to talk? Pull up a seat and get behind the microphone. News travels in many different ways, and audio has created several new avenues to spread the positive word about what's happening in our neighborhoods. Come on in and tell your story on Early E's podcast.

Video Broadcasting

The spotlight is yours! Take your chance to get in front of the camera and tell positive news stories from your perspective. You can also get behind the camera and direct the show. The sky is the limit.

Web Coding

The media has grown so much over the last decade digitially, it has opened up so many opportunities on the digitial side. If you're not excited about storytelling, you can build the structures that support it by becoming proficient on the web.

PIO – Public Information Officer Program Youth Public Information Officer

This program is offered to all Nonprofits so that youth can share the good work of their program on all of Early Excellence news network and media outlets , so all other youth will see the opportunities and pride of the nonprofit they are involved in, what better way to market the excitement of the great work that program are doing.. Great Marketing opportunity – Who is your star charismatic program participant, put them on camera.


Neighborhood Youth Journalist Teams

Each student will highlight their new knowledge and hands-on experience to create and produce stories for broadcast and digital platforms, for school broadcast platforms/social media, and future broadcast internships. Journalists shape society’s Perception By what they write about & What they overlook! Early Excellence will write about the successes of youth and overlook the negative influencers of our youth. To guarantee a Safe Place for them to always get the progressive information they need to accomplish the Excellence in life. It is not our goal to report the problems but give our youth a platform to express creative ideas filled with solutions.